28 Haziran 2012 Perşembe

cool,B2ST, yoseobie just like toushiro right ^.^  you guys are my dream. I 'm gonna meet someone like yoseob and i'm gonna draw some cool guy just like hitsugaya ....... 

 the cutest guy i've ever seen........... kyaaaaaa ottokeeee !!!!!

and this guy is otani from lovely complex. U should check this anime and u'll see that yoseobie would be perfect match for this character in a drama.Dont u think so too   ;P        

I, my, me, mine........ ^.^ But not watermelon xD i think you know what i mean kekekeke xP

Goose's dream

I'm not sure how to express my feelings..this song is the reason i dont give up and keep going on for my dreams.But i realized that one of biggest obstacle in my life was no one other than me.I've always  hidden behind the stupid  reasons and  accused the other's for my failure.Now i clearly see what's important for me in this life... We human beings should figure out the fact behind all this pain... I am sure everyone know that but don't want to accept.It's easy this way after all. I mean accusing the others for every little thing.Firstly, look yourself in the mirror,know yourself. there is noone who knows u better than yourself.None of them has the right to say u what to do either.You are the source of everyhing around u, the choices u made ' good or not ' as long as they are yours, nothing matter.......Live for yourself.